Bridal makeup tips
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Tips on how to plan your bridal make-up

Being a bride, the wedding is definitely a big day for you. And when you are deciding upon your look, each and every aspect matters – starting from choosing your dress to doing the make-up. Remember, you are the queen of that day!! So, being a special woman calls for looking gorgeous and bright amongst all. And planning for the right make-up can do this work easy for you.

Bridal makeup tips

If your wedding day has come closer, and you have yet decided or do not know what to do with the make-up part, then this article is only for you. Here, I will let you know about how to plan your bridal make-up. So, without wasting any more time let’s move on to that:

Keep your Personality On

Every individual person has their own style and look. So, while planning the make-up for your wedding you should abide by your own personality to keep up your distinctiveness. For example, you might not like very loud make-up; and if that is the fact then you can opt for going with simple yet sophisticated look.

Take Care of your Wedding Theme, Dress and Hair

Try to do such a make-up look which will complement the theme of your wedding as well as your dress and hair. If delicacy is the theme of your wedding, then both your dress and make-up should complement that with a soft and feminine touch. Otherwise you can go on for rich make-up look if the theme gives out rustic vibes.

Chalk Out your Budget

Wedding means a lot of fun and along with that comes expenditure as well. So chalking out the budget for your make-up is utmost important. Don’t go on for choosing whatever comes across; do a well-research of everything and then depending upon how much you want to spend, select your style and make-up artist.

Make Sure of having a Trial Session

When you have selected your make-up style, I will also advice you to plan a trial session. As you actually don’t know how the style will look on you, if it will suit you or not; and if you find the style not fit, you can change your plans accordingly. And it will be best if you can try the make-up with either your wedding dress or by wearing the same colored dress of the same.

NOTE: As you might have to change your plans in the last hour, you should keep some extra time and a PLAN B on hand.

These, being some of the most important tips for planning your wedding make-up, I will add some more as well, like:

  • Decide who is going to do your make-up
  • The weather of your wedding time should be taken into account
  • Know the lighting of your wedding venue
  • Let the make-up of the bridesmaids go hand-in-hand with your make-up

I am sure that these tips are going to help you in your wedding. So, just grab the style and make-up kit and be ready to dazzle the look.

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